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When Everyone Leads: The Podcast

The Kansas Leadership Center recently published a national best-seller called When Everyone Leads. This book inspires us, but how do people actually put these ideas into practice? How do these ideas apply to civic issues?

Tune in every other week to hear co-hosts Chris Green and Brianna Griffin in conversation with special guests about what is possible when everyone leads.

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Child care can cost more than a mortgage in Kansas, but providers can barely afford to stay open

TOPEKA, Kansas — Ann Elliott runs one of the largest child care centers in all of Kansas. The Family Resource Center, or The Center, in Pittsburg, Kansas, is licensed to care for over 350 kids At $145 a week for toddlers, $135 a week for 30 month to 5 year olds, and $185 a month for preschool — parents might assume Elliott and her staff are rolling…

Record-breaking heat exposes a lack of safeguards for homeless Wichitans

Surviving often means taking cover.  During unforgiving heat, the official guidance urges us to stay indoors, drink plenty of water and let air conditioning to cool our skin. But some Wichitans didn’t have that option during the recent heat wave. For them, survival meant huddling in any existing shade, moving as little as possible – not breathing too heavily, waiting for the next sip of water…

City of Wichita considers fines for landlords who retaliate against renters

Editor’s note: This story is being re-published with permission from KMUW through the Wichita Journalism Collaborative. Wichita is considering fines for landlords who retaliate against tenants who are otherwise in good standing. The proposed ordinance introduced Tuesday to City Council would penalize landlords who evict or raise rent within six months of a tenant’s complaint to the city or landlord about housing conditions. It would not apply to tenants who…

‘Completely unjustified’: Affidavits point to abuse of power in raid on Kansas newspaper

by Sherman Smith, Kansas Reflector August 20, 2023 TOPEKA — Affidavits signed by a police chief and magistrate to warrant the raid on the Marion County Record were supposed to provide evidence that a reporter committed a crime. Instead, they serve as evidence that the local officials abused their power. Read the affidavits Marion County Record Eric Meyer’s home Ruth Herbel’s home Police Chief Gideon Cody…

Opinion: Learning from Tulsa’s reckoning with Greenwood

Novelist Charles Dickens wrote “A Tale of Two Cities,” but had he traveled to Tulsa, he’d have found at least four. Segregation created Greenwood, a separate town where in the early 20th century one group flourished despite boundaries designed to suffocate its aspirations. In fact, the segregated group did too well. Climbed too high. Accomplished too much. So much, that segregationists descended violently on that part…

‘We’ve done it before’: Becoming one, out of many

About the Article*: This essay represents the combined thinking of the Complicating the Narratives Thought Partners, a diverse group of 10 Kansans convened by The Journal and the Kansas Leadership Center through funding from the Solutions Journalism Network. It does not reflect the views of any one individual or organization. It is an effort by the group to call for healthier dialogue with a single voice…