When Everyone Leads: The Podcast

The Kansas Leadership Center recently published a national best-seller called When Everyone Leads. This book inspires us, but how do people actually put these ideas into practice? How do these ideas apply to civic issues?

Tune in every other week to hear co-hosts Chris Green and Brianna Griffin in conversation with special guests about what is possible when everyone leads.


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What would happen if everyone led on immigration?

The pilot episode of the When Everyone Leads podcast explores what it would look like for everyone to lead on the topic of immigration. The guest who brought the topic is Claudia Yaujar-Amaro, owner of the Wichita-based bilingual marketing and media company AB&C Bilingual Resources, LLC. The Kansas Leadership Center’s podcast, in its first season, asks guests to put a challenge to the center, which the…

Opinion: Thank you for being a part of The Journal in 2022

The purpose of this note is simple. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reading The Journal, whether it was in print, at klcjournal.com, in the newsletter or through social media, Thank you for the way you’ve engaged in your community and worked to address tough address challenges there. The spirit of The Journal isn’t just to provide information. It’s to inform action,…

Remembering the work of Broderick Crawford, 1961-2022

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Winter 2017 edition of The Journal. Broderick Crawford died on Nov. 27 and a celebration of life service took place at the Victorious Life Church Dec. 10 in Kansas City, Missouri. Crawford was also a key source in The Journal’s coverage of health inequities illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which was illustrated by the death of Brandon McCray,…

Clay target shooting brings kids and guns together for good

A young gunman’s appalling murder of 19 students and two teachers at a grade school in Uvalde, Texas, horrified Kansas teacher Victor Mercado and parent Matt Onofrio. Like so many, both miss the pre-Sandy Hook days when active shooter drills weren’t part of a student’s educational process. Both also hope people can look past such unspeakable tragedies and see the amount of good that can come…