When the bough breaks

In the 2021-22 school year, Kansas’ K-12 schools had an average daily attendance of about 405,000 students. Just four years earlier, before COVID arrived, an average of 445,000 students filled those same school buildings.

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Fruitful Opportunities

In the 19th century, Kansas grew more grapes than almost any other state in the country. It was also one of the nation’s largest wine producers. Then came Prohibition.

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Going from rut to groove

About 26% of Liberal, Kansas, residents identify as being white but not Hispanic or Latino. 65% of the community identifies as Hispanic or Latino. Census figures also show the community is about 3% African American and Asian, while nearly 18% identify with two or more races. Yet slightly more than 50% of residents identify as white, including more than a third of Latinos.

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Once-placid local political races increasingly driven by anger

Moving nonpartisan elections from spring to fall has brought an upswing in participation, at least in Johnson County. In the elections of 2017 and 2019, turnout was just above 17%. The 2021 figure jumped to 25.27%. Previous spring elections were more likely to hover around a 10% turnout rate or less.

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Raising the flag for all

Randolph Cabral’s Braille flags are displayed in hundreds of locations around the country, including the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Arlington National Cemetery and the nearby Women in Military Service for America Memorial, the State Capitol in Topeka, numerous Veterans Affairs hospitals, and veterans and military organizations.

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Will Wetz, 26, , of Newton, reads the U.S. braille flag at Northridge Elementray School, in Newton, with helo from flag maker Randolph Cabral, president of the Kansas Braille Transcription Institue, in Wichita.

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