The purpose of this note is simple. I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for reading The Journal, whether it was in print, at, in the newsletter or through social media,

Thank you for the way you’ve engaged in your community and worked to address tough address challenges there. The spirit of The Journal isn’t just to provide information. It’s to inform action, and we know from our experiences that our readers are people who act. People who want to lead.

Thank you for those who could support our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign. You’ve gone above and beyond helping us raise enough to afford our enhanced web presence at That site can keep existing because of your support, and we hope you’ll remember that every time you visit it.

For those who couldn’t give this year, thank you for sticking with us and giving us the chance to earn your support next year. As every year goes by, the support of our readers becomes more and more important to the future growth of The Journal.

Thank you for caring enough about the present and future to make informed civic engagement a part of your daily life. I know your curiosity and passion will serve you, your fellow citizens, and us well, as we move forward together into 2023.

With gratitude,

Chris Green, Executive Editor
The Journal

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